PAHS Pet and Home Sitting offers pet and home care services to Raymore, Belton, Grandview, N Peculiar, and S Lees Summit.  Passionate about the good care of our animals, we believe in proper nutrition, veterinary care, and training, as well as, a daily spoiling of hugs, kisses, and play.  Our goal is to treat your pets with the same  love and respect we lavish on our own.



PAHSitting Fees

Note: 2 stops/day minimum for canines.  Fees include up to 3 canines OR 4 felines OR combination of 5 companion animals.  Custom charges apply in homes with more then 5 pets.

Standard Package:
$17.00 One 35 minute stop
$45.00 Three stops (same day)

Deluxe Package:

$25.00 One 60 minute stop
$65.00 Three stops (same day)
When you wish extra pet attention or when there are more pets than can properly cared for on a standard stop.

Mini Package:
$14.00 One 20 minute stop
$35.00 Three stops (same day)
ONLY when minimal attention is required, usually single pet homes.

Pet Transportation Available: Within PAHS service area

Need assistance getting your pet to the veterinarian or the groomer?

Transportation Fees:
$18.00 Pickup / drop-off (one-way)
$25.00 Wait during visit (per hour)