Hey Wendi,

We got home yesterday afternoon….. The dogs were very happy and I am SO THANKFUL that I ran into you!!!!

Loved the care and attention of my kids, Dancer, Isaiah, Bobby, Jack and Murdock and Tucker.

I hope you will consider helping us again…we are planning a trip next month March 27-30 to Austin. Let me know if you are available….
Again Thanks a Million.

– Linda


Hi, Wendi! It’s good to be home ….. we had a wonderful time, but I’ll tell ya, that car ride from Minnesota is a LONG one! Thank you so very much for taking such excellent care of everything while we were away – everything just looks great !! You are awesome! Please consider me a reference any time you need one for potential clients. I’ll be calling you.

Take care!

– Jayna


If you adore your pets as much we do (they are our “four-legged” kids) you can appreciate our nervous anxiety when we vacation without them or when work takes us out of town. In the past, we have used Wendi to check up on the boys if we were going to a football game or out of town on a short trip. If it were a long trip, we would board them in a local kennel. And, trust me, I dislike taking my kids to the kennel as much as they disliking going.

On this occasion we were headed to Steamboat for a 6-day skiing vacation. And, no matter how much you plan for your trip to go right, there is no way to plan for what can go wrong. On this particular trip, the latter stepped into play. We were all set. It was Saturday. Kanon and Stoli, our two-year-old German Shorthair Pointers, were going to the kennel six days and Wendi was going to stop by and check on Sneaker, our tortoise-haired cat, every other day. On Friday, Wendi was going to pick of the “boys” at the Kennel and bring them home so they could greet us when we arrived home.

All set – not quite. Kanon and Stoli were wrestling around the day before and Stoli suffered an ear hematoma (like a water balloon in his ear flap). Our veterinarian felt it would be better to perform minor surgery on Monday, when we would be out of town. Now how were we going to get THAT accomplished? Enter dependable, flexible super hero, Wendi Straddeck, from PAHS. After consulting with Wendi, we decided to forget the kennel, have the boys stay in the comfort of their own home, and Wendi would visit three times a day to care for them give them some good luv’in. On Monday, Wendi would take Stoli to the doctor for his operation, pick him up, take him home and continue the three-day care plan. Vacation saved.

Well, the surgery ended up being major surgery and boys will be boys. Stoli tore off his bandage and had started bleeding at 8 o’clock at night! Super hero Wendi again came to the rescue. She took Stoli to the emergency vet, then brought him home and stayed with the kids the rest of the night. Of course she consulted me and gave me progress notes. But she also went the extra mile to ensure Stoli’s well being. She stayed for two additional nights so we could finish our vacation without worry.

Words cannot express how grateful we are to Wendi for going above and beyond in caring for our “kids” the way she cares for her own. The boys consider her part of the family and snuggle with her as they do us. She always leaves us detailed progress notes on their activities and demeanor. In the future, we will forget the kennel and leave the boys at home with Sneaker and solely in Wendi’ s capable caring hands.

Kim Glessner – Belton


We cannot even begin to describe how pleased we are to have Wendi as part of our family.  It is not easy to find someone who you can trust as much as we trust PAHS.

We travel three or four times a year and Wendi comes to our house and “pampers” our two Sheltie dogs while we are gone.  We have in the past tried taking our dogs to a kennel to be boarded.  However when we pick them up, they smell, they are sick, and it takes them several days to recuperate.  We almost feel guilty for taking them there.

Then we found Wendi with PAHS.  She comes to our house twice a day.  She gets our mail, our newspaper, waters our plants, and most of all cares for our dogs.  We just mention her name, and the dogs’ tails start to wag.  They absolutely lover her.  She keeps a daily log of what she does and how the dogs are each day.  It is fun to come home and read her comments. 

If you are looking for someone who will love and care for your animals as much as you do, then call Wendi with PAHS.  It is so comforting knowing that when we return home, our dogs will be safe and sound.

Chuck and Mary Bloomberg

Grandview MO